Sombra: orbes ou não?

Estava lendo os fóruns e vi uma referência a esta mensagem do Celestalon de 01/06/2015, nos fóruns oficiais gringos, comentando sobre o estado de sacerdotes, com um parágrafo especificamente sobre sacerdotes sombra. Copio abaixo essa parte:

Finally, I’d like to talk a bit more about Shadow in general; the big picture, not so much about these specific concerns. We’ve been retrospective lately about where Shadow has come, and how much it truly fulfills its intended fantasy, gameplay style, role, etc. Shadow Priests should be the masters of the shadows cast by the light from the Holy Priests. In terms of lore and fantasy, they should focus on the powers of the Void. However, they’re still Priests; they know that what they’re dabbling with is dangerous, and have to try to go as far as they can without going *too* far. Pain, Insanity, Darkness… These are the tools they use on their enemies, and even a bit on themselves. For the future, we’re looking at ways that we can adjust their gameplay to feel more viscerally “Shadow Priest”. We think some things have worked well (like their DoTs), and other things have worked not so well (like Shadow Orbs). It’s too early to announce anything specific at this point, but we can tell you that there are very significant changes coming to Shadow in a future patch, that we hope will better capture the fantasy, while providing unique gameplay. We’re reading all of your feedback, and taking it into account when making these changes.


Note a parte em que ele comenta sobre as mudanças que Sombra sofreu ao longo dos anos, e que algumas dessas mudanças “não funcionaram tão bem (como orbes sombrios)”. E logo depois promete que em algum patch futuro haverá mudanças significativas nessa spec.

Não tem nada prometido especificamente nesse texto – ele não disse claramente que vão tirar os orbes, ou que eles serão mudados. Mas fala que haverá mudanças na spec e cita os orbes sombrios como uma das coisas que “não funcionaram muito bem” (tradução minha). Vejamos o que o futuro trará…

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